The Rocky Mountains are a dream destination, an inspiration to anyone who visits. So who wouldn’t want to live here?

But building a home—whether it’s a new home, a second home, from the ground up, or a remodel—is a daunting task.

Let us rise to that challenge—the challenge of working on any budget; taking any list of wants and loves and forming them into a cohesive whole; keeping functional spaces and ultimate beauty in unison.

With experience in a variety of arts—from creating custom wedding dresses to painting murals and designing furniture—you can be sure we have all the bases covered. Whether you just need a one-hour consultation or a step-by-step guide on everything from windows to doorbells, Valscapes is here to ensure your dream home comes to fruition.

And homes, just like people, have personalities. Our goal is to make sure your home fits you. Just like there’s no one like you, there will be no home like yours. We don’t do cookie cutter. What feels right for one person won’t feel right for someone else. Your home will be just like you—unique and genuine.

But what you bring to the table is just as important as what we can offer. What furnishings will you bring? What’s your comfort color? How will you live in the space? Whatever your style—from clean contemporary to rustic vintage—we want to make sure you feel heard and valued, and we work with you to design your home accordingly. It won’t just be the latest fad, because that may not be you.

With residential and commercial clients across the country, we have the experience. Plus, our excellent, years-long relationships with vendors guarantee we’ll find whatever you’re looking for.

As a full-service business, here are just a few of the services we offer:

Textile Design
Custom Coloration
Case Goods
Tile and Mosaics
Furniture Design